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Somani Stone Minerals was incorporated on 2002. Currently we have a comprehensive setup at Malipura Choraha, Bijoliya, Bhilwara, Rajasthan(INDIA). We are one of the largest and leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesale Supplier & Distributor of premium quality Indian Natural Stones like Sandstone and Limestone with different types and varieties.

Sandstone is a variety of natural stone or a well known as sedimentary rock, consisting of small grains of the minerals, quartz and feldspar and rock grains. Sandstones are resistant to weathering but still they are easy to work this makes sandstone a very popular for constructions. Sandstones are available in different colors like beige, reddish brown, pink brown, olive green and teakwood etc. These Sandstone are available in natural finish Slabs and Tiles. They are used in buildings, ship decks and furnaces etc.

Sandstone being a natural stone are accessible in the form of layers on riverbeds. Its strength makes its applicable in exterior and interior of homes. We source these Slabs of Sandstones from various parts of India and export the premium quality of these stones to world over and in our domestic market. Being a quality conscious company we keep special eye in selecting the quality of sandstones, which generate us regular and repeat customers. The Slabs of these stones are evenly cut in good machines to the best of contemporary use. We are innovating new production techniques to continually enhance efficiency to offer quality products.

Nurturing Heritage

India has a rich history of providing stones of the highest quality used for building purposes. From the royalty of ancient India, to the architects of today, the stones quarried such as marbles, sandstone etc, have been appreciated for their perfection. At Somani Stone Minerals, we nurture this tradition through our products and services.


Somani Stone Minerals Company is awarded by Zee Business and Naredco Good Home Awards 2012 shortlisted as one of top nomineese in the sandstone flooring category.

The honorable Union Cabinet Minister, Urban Development and Parliyamentary Affairs Goverment of India Shri Kamal Nath has kindly consented to grace the occasion as Chief Guest at Taj Palace Hotel, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi, 7 PM onwards on 20th November.


We have well-established facilities for quarrying natural stones. Based in Rajasthan, these quarries provide stones that are of the highest quality and acknowledged by customers worldwide for their structural properties. To cater to the demands of our overseas buyers for machine cut tiles, we have incorporated cutting machines with single and double cutters in our processing centers. Accuracy of cuts and finishes are the hallmarks of quality in the stone industry. To this end, we have established units for calibration and polishing of stones.

All our facilities are geared towards providing our clients with high quality stones that are processed as per their most demanding requirements.

Customisation Expertise

We have the capability of providing stones cut to specifications as desired by our customers. Our infrastructure is geared up to cater to the most demanding requirements of our customers. As a supplier of global repute, this capability serves us in good stead with our customers from around the world.


From quarrying to packaging, every aspect of our operations is governed by stringent standards of quality. Rigid quality control procedures ensure that our finished products bear the hallmark of quality expected by our customers. With excellent durability and weather resistant characteristics, our stone products are widely used for building and decoration purposes.


Our reputation for quality and excellence has earned us a wide range of customers from around the world. We regularly cater to the stone needs of customers in regions of the world such as USA, Australia, Korea, France, European countries and the Middle East.